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Hi! I am Jacqui

In April of 2010, my husband and I conceived our first child, although unplanned we were elated and ready to embrace the next chapter of life. Unfortunately, at 12 weeks we suffered a devastating loss in the form of a missed miscarriage.

I was 23 at the time, healthy, active and young, for me there was no logical reason for our child to pass. I was left dumbfounded and depressed, the thought of a miscarriage had never even crossed my mind and there I was suffering a major loss.

In Septemeber of 2010, two months after a D&C, I  become CONSUMED with a NEED to become pregnant again. The feeling was so strong that it ate up every single minute, hour and day. At the same time, I was terrified of another miscarriage. I was determined to do everything I/we possibly could to carry a healthy child to term.

I remember trying to talk to my Doctor, (who I changed immediately after this) about how I was feeling. In one of the most vulnerable states of my life, this woman looked back at me with cold, uncaring eyes and said “Why? Why do you feel a NEED to be pregnant? You’re only 23.” And when I could not give her a logical answer, she shrugged and walked out of the room after.

When I was looking for comfort, reassurance, and support I got nothing, not an ounce of empathy or understanding. Never in my life had I felt more like a number, or someone’s paycheck then at that moment.

Feeling hopeless, I took the internet. I needed to find someone to connect with, someone who cared and understood what I was going through. (At this point even my husband was starting to look at me like I was not all there in the head. And to be perfectly honest I wasn’t. Even though he was great through the whole experience, he did not understand my obsession with getting pregnant.)

I joined forums, downloaded apps and began researching anything and everything to do with Women’s Reproductive Health, Fertility, and Conception.

I met some fantastic ladies, that grew into a support team, we even branched out of the forums and talked daily via text. It was amazing to have people who also peed on a stick 45 times a day and not judge you. It was priceless.

The deeper I dived into fertility and trying to conceive the more devoted I became to learn about reproductive health.

I made several lifestyle changes, including nutritional and environmental changes. After six months of trying to conceive I got pregnant for the second time in March 2011 and delivered our first daughter in November 2011.

Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to frequent the trying to conceive forums offering bits of advice, support, and encouragement to other women who were struggling to conceive.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I enjoyed helping other women on their conception journey and I could offer something that many doctors lack; compassion. I’ve been in the trying to conceive forums ever since, helping women get pregnant and offering an ear for when times are tough.

I started Trying To Conceive A Baby after years of encouragement from my TTC friends.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve devoted hundreds of hours to self-study, research, discussions and online courses. I have helped 100’s of women get pregnant and fulfill their dreams of starting a family. I am also currently working on a certification in Health & Wellness Coaching and believe in holistic health and functional medicine.

In January of 2016, my husband and I decided it was the right time to add a second child to our family. Putting into practice everything that I’d learned we got pregnant the very first month we started trying. Our second was born in October 2016, 5 years after our first.

Trying To Conceive A Baby offers preconception support in all forms. Putting into practice what I’ve studied, I can help you achieve optimal fertility with lifestyle changes that involve the removal of toxins, via nutrition and household hazards that affect the female reproductive system. I provide a personalized step by step plan for getting pregnant, catered to your unique situation.

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