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Hey there! I hope that you’re finding the Conceive A Baby website to be a valuable resource! If you’ve been browsing around Conceive A Baby and are still experiencing difficulty with getting pregnant, then you may be interested in a personalized conception consultation.

Utilizing a Conception Consultant can help ease the burden and stress associated with trying to conceive. As a Consultant, I will guide you and answer all of your questions, ensuring that you are getting individualized help unique to your situation. Each Baby Making Blueprint is personalized to the couple, catering to your cycle and needs.

I believe that everyone’s conception journey is unique and special and, when it comes to advice on getting pregnant there’s not a one size fits all category.  When my own conception journey wasn’t going as planned, I started scouring the internet. I consumed massive amounts of information but still felt like something was lacking. There were not any options or resources that provided guidance based on my specific situation. (To read more about why I started Conceive A Baby and became a conception consultant go here) As a Conception Consultant, I take several things into consideration your cycle history, length of actively trying to conceive, previously used methods, and individual circumstances. I make sure that I get to know you and your cycle before I give you any advice.

Baby Making Blueprint Packages

B.M.B. Package 1


  Complete assessment of your ttc history and cycle.
  Personalized step by step baby making plan.
  Access to the Baby Making Blueprint exclusive Facebook Group

B.M.B. Package 2


  Complete assessment of your ttc history and cycle.
  Personalized step by step baby making plan.
 ♥ 45 minute follow up phone call. 
 ♥ 2 Follow up emails
Access to the Baby Making Blueprint exclusive Facebook Group.

B.M.B. Package 3


  Complete assessment of your ttc history and cycle.
  Personalized step by step baby making plan.
  45 minute follow up phone call.
 ♥ 30 days of unlimited email support.

  Access to the Baby Making Blueprint exclusive Facebook Group.

Here’s what Conceive A Baby can help you with:

  • Getting Pregnant Faster – After I receive your Baby Making Blueprint Questionaire, I will construct a baby making plan that can be implemented right away. This plan will detail when to “do the deed”, take ovulation tests and more. When you’re set up for conception success you will find that it is easier and faster to get pregnant.
  • Pinpointing Ovulation – Knowing when you ovulate is the most important factor in the conception process. The egg is only viable for about 12-24 hours making your window to get pregnant narrow. I can help you zone in on those precious hours increasing the likelihood of pregnancy.
  • Taking Charge Of Your Body – Through this process, you will learn valuable information in regards to your own body and fertility that will last a lifetime (or at least until menopause).
  • Support – You get instant access to me and several other women who are also on their own Baby Making Blueprint journey via the EXCLUSIVE Baby Making Blueprint Facebook group.  Ask questions day or night and get help when you need it.
  • And Much More – Every couple is unique in their trying to conceive journey and I look forward to discussing the best way to get you pregnant and start the family of your dreams.

How does the Consultation work?

Upon payment of your chosen package, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours from me with an assessment form. The form covers questions regarding you and your partners trying to conceive history. The more detailed the better as it will enable me to craft the perfect Blueprint catered to you.

After I receive your completed form I will then assess your answers and outline a step by step plan to help you get pregnant. You will then receive another email 24-48 hours later with your personalized Baby Making Blueprint.  You and your partner are now ready to start some baby making action.

In addition to your Blueprint, you will receive a printable calendar to keep track of your cycle AND access to the Baby Making Blueprint Facebook group that will help guide you now and in the future when you have questions regarding trying to conceive.

If you choose a package that includes a phone call, you will receive a third email after your Baby Making Blueprint has been sent to schedule a time. Please note that I do my best to schedule all phone calls during nap time, but things do not always go according to plan. There may be a child in the background, if this is bothersome then we can work on rescheduling the phone call.

For general questions please see the F.A.Q if you can not find the answer to your question via the FAQ feel free to contact me.

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