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Is Jacqui an MD?

Jacqui is not a medical doctor and does not claim to be. She does not provide services for medical emergencies, neither does she diagnose or treat any specific diseases or conditions to see the full medical disclaimer go here. Always consult your primary care physician before making changes to your health. If you have a medical emergency dial 911.

Jacqui supports emotional, environmental and physical wellness, with a goal of helping couples conceive a baby via Naturopathic methods.

How can Jacqui help you reach your Wellness and Conception goals?

Jacqui’s conception method address environmental factors that impede fertility, including nutrition, toxins in the home and emotional wellbeing. Each couple is unique in their needs and receives a detailed, personalized step-by-step plan for getting pregnant, including a baby making blueprint for optimal conception.

While most conventional practitioners rely heavily on medication, Jacqui takes a holistic, natural approach when helping couples conceive a child, leaving traditional medicine as the very last resort, not the first. Traditional practitioners can also leave patients feeling like a number lacking the vital emotional support needed during conception heartaches. Jacqui believes you should always be able to talk about how you’re feeling and likes to think of her clients as friends.

To discover more of Jacqui’s story visit her bio here.

How long will it take to get pregnant?

Results vary for each couple and depend on a variety of factors, including how closely the conception plan is followed by the individuals. Some couples get pregnant within the first month, most conceive 3-6 months after starting the program. Others may end up needing to seek out a fertility specialist, which is recommended if conception has not occurred after 1 1/2 years on a conception plan.

Remember, stay optimistic! There are ONLY 12 opportunities, composed of a 12-36 hour window in a one year time period to get pregnant, and that is if you have a perfect 28-day cycle. It also takes time to detox the body. Years of toxins build up in tissue and it takes time for the body to repair itself.

As much as Jacqui wishes she could, she does not guarantee that pregnancy will occur. Although she believes in the bodies restorative abilities it can take years to fully repair and some couples may choose not to wait to start their family. Jacqui is always honest and has the best interest of her clients at heart.

If you have any questions about A Baby Making Blueprint Package you can email Jacqui directly at or via the contact page.

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